Hello students and caregivers!

My name is Ms. Isaacson, and I am so excited to be your Digital Arts Teacher this year. 

I am originally from Sartell, MN and moved to St. Paul for college when I attended the University of St. Thomas. I graduated in 2020 with a degree in Creative Communication and Graphic Design. I knew in my heart I always wanted to teach art, so I applied and was accepted into a Master of Arts in Teaching program at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota for MAT in Visual Arts Education K-12. 

I have always been an artist and drawn to creative expression. I create mixed media, acrylic, illustrative, and collage artwork that I sell in art fairs, coffee shops, and on Etsy. Art provides me an escape, a happy and positive outlook on life, and self-expression that I want to share with my students. My philosophy is that every human has innate creativity, and I will never dull that creativity. 

I am so excited to be teaching and would love to communicate with you throughout the school year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns, or chit chat. You can reach me here:

My personal email: kayley.isaacson@yahoo.com 

My school email: ksisaa20@smumn.edu 

As an art educator, I aim to foster student's creative spirit, build community through the shared language of art, and allow for personal expression and growth through art.

My goal is to have students learn and understand the State Standards and Elements and Principles of Art, while simultaneously growing in their own creative voice and expression. I do not want any student to leave one of my art classes feeling like they are not "creative" or a "good artist." I want all students to get to know their creative side and feel encouraged and supported in their curiosity with new art forms and expressions.

It is important to me to create a classroom environment that is inclusive, safe, and encourages students to share their artwork and take risks.

My Digital Philosophy for students when using online platforms and resources is to lead with respect. We use online resources a lot in my Digital Arts courses and it is my responsibility to foster creative, safe, and respectful learning environments. We will create a classroom Digital Philosophy together in class and I am looking forward to collaborating with you all on that!







I will be teaching a Digital Computer Literacy course, Graphic Design 1, and Illustration 1. For all of these courses you will need computer access which you will be given at school. We will have ample work time for you to not need to have computer access at home. 

Below is our Class Calendar for the next month. Please write important dates in your planner!

As you can see you have one sketchbook assignment that is due on the first day of class. 



My Top 5 Academic Tech Resources

1.  WIX - Wix.com

2. PROCREATE - Procreate Application

3. PADLET - Padlet.com

4. Adobe Illustrator - AdobeCreativeCloud.com

5. CANVA - Canva.com