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My name is Kayley, but most people call me Kayley Bird. My grandpa gave me the nickname "Birdy" when I was a baby because I supposedly "ate like a bird." Today I eat like a human, but still keep the nickname, Kayley Bird. 

Through color, design, and mixed media I create expressive and captivating artwork. With nature and hope as my guides, I create to bring light and life to the world. 

I have a BA in graphic design creative communications and a Master Degree in Visual Arts Education. My greatest joy is helping others find creativity and confidence through art. 


There is nothing I love more than getting an abstract idea for a design and then seeing it come to life. My favorite mediums are digital illustration, graphic design, paper collage, acrylic painting, photography, and combining all of these mediums to create mixed media work. 


My hope is to leave the world brighter than I found it. 

Contact me for commissions, mural work, or just to say hello:

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